Virtual Education

Bridging the Gap

Students during surgical placements visit operation theatre from time to time to observe live operative procedures. They usually go in a group/batch of about 15 to 25 students. None of them get the opportunity to see actual operation from behind the surgical team. So, even if a medical college has the facilities and teaching staffs, students are denied actual surgical exposure.

HelloSurg utilizes smart glasses and video conferencing tools for offering basic laparoscopy knowledge to medical students from institutes lacking the facilities, without affecting their academic schedules. Through HelloSurg we are trying to bridging the gap between theory and real-world surgical knowledge by:

Content Creation

Develop educational materials, such as video lectures, surgical procedure demonstrations, and interactive presentations, specifically tailored for medical students. Ensure the content is engaging, informative, and visually clear.

Smart Glasses Integration

Smart glasses technology is integrated into HelloSurg platform, enabling instructors or surgeons to wear the glasses during live surgical procedures or demonstrations. This way, students can observe the surgery from the surgeon’s perspective and can annotate on the video feed to ask questions or highlight specific areas of interest, and instructors can provide real-time feedback.

Recording and Playback

Record the live sessions or demonstrations for future reference. This allows students to revisit the material and reinforce their learning at their convenience.

Supplementary Materials

Provide additional resources such as study guides, surgical manuals, or reference materials to support the students’ learning outside of the live sessions.