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Empowering Surgeons through Comprehensive Training Programs and Mentorship.

Remote Laparoscopy Training

We provide comprehensive training programs for pediatric surgeons and general surgeons via remote augmented reality platform.

Remote Surgical Training

We offer virtual training sessions using augmented and mixed reality technology.

Skill Enhancement

We provide training and practice sessions on virtual simulation platforms to improve hand-eye coordination.

Revolutionizing Surgical Practice

Healthcare Challenges in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a low income country with shortages of healthcare professionals in every sector, surgical field is no exception. Surgeons are often posted in a remote place or with a very busy workload barring them to seek and avail necessary training to improve their skills. The world is moving fast with innovations and inclusion of newer technologies in the surgical practice which enhances surgical outcomes and also reduces surgery related patient sufferings. Minimal invasive surgery of which most frequently practiced is laparoscopy is one such addition. We are still lacking the facilities for Robotic Surgery.

Bridging the Gap

Students during surgical placements visit operation theatre from time to time to observe live operative procedures. They usually go in a group/batch of about 15 to 25 students. None of them get the opportunity to see actual operation from behind the surgical team. So, even if a medical college has the facilities and teaching staffs, students are denied actual surgical exposure.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us know if there’s anything specific you would like to learn about our remote surgical collaboration and training.

At the moment one unit of the solutions costs $— with support from Ohana One, Vuzix and TeleVU, plus shipment cost from USA. It includes hardware and 4 licenses, one for mentor and three for mentees. One unit can allow three more mentees, needing $— each. For videoconferencing, hardware and software costs $ — plus shipment. To know the costs, please contact. 

One year, with 4-5 sessions a month.

We can try to create mentor/mentees (6) group who will find sponsors from professional societies or contribute themselves. Please keep in mind that Ohana One is contributing already. The actual package price is much higher for smart solutions. 

There will be support system between 8 am and 8 pm Bangladesh time.


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Professor Md. Jafrul Hannan
Dr. Md. Samiul Hasan



August 22, 2023

The website looks great, it’s responsive, and the idea seems fantastic.

Kabbo Suhrid

Dr. Maria

August 22, 2023

HelloSurg’s remote surgical collaboration has transformed the way I approach surgery. The use of smart glasses and real-time interaction has given me the confidence to perform complex procedures, even in challenging conditions. It’s like having a mentor right beside me. Truly revolutionary!


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We are grateful to Ohana One International Surgical Aid & Education for their generous donation to help train young surgeons of Bangladesh using the smart glasses remote assist technology.


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