Empowering Surgeons through Comprehensive Training Programs and Mentorship.

Our Services

1). Remote surgical consultation to the rural surgeons, including intra-operative guidance and support.

2). Remote surgical consultations to the patients using augmented, telesurgery and Artificial Intelligence in the form of Telemedicine where patients can join surgeons in live sessions with prior appointments after prepayment. Patients or guardians can share their physical complaints along with any investigation reports and surgeon can suggest a diagnosis and probable mode of treatment. If surgery is required, both parties can then meet and finalize the cost and hospital for the job.

Low Cost & Affordable

For remote laparoscopy training, remote surgical training and remote surgical education for medical students: HelloSurg will not charge any fees. The users may have to spend a little for software/app subscription.

Remote Laparoscopy Training

We provide comprehensive training programs for pediatric surgeons and general surgeons via remote augmented reality platform.

Remote Surgical Training

We offer virtual training sessions using augmented and mixed reality technology.

Skill Enhancement

We provide training and practice sessions on virtual simulation platforms to improve hand-eye coordination.

Smart Glasses Integration

Integrating smart glasses technology into surgical education, enabling students to observe surgeries from the surgeon's perspective and interact with instructors in real-time.

Recorded Sessions

Recording live surgical demonstrations and sessions for future reference and reinforcement of learning.

Education Consulting

Consulting services for institutes to enhance their surgical education programs and implement innovative technologies like smart glasses and video conferencing.