Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us know if there’s anything specific you would like to learn about our remote surgical collaboration and training.

At the moment one unit of the solutions costs $— with support from Ohana One, Vuzix and TeleVU, plus shipment cost from USA. It includes hardware and 4 licenses, one for mentor and three for mentees. One unit can allow three more mentees, needing $— each. For videoconferencing, hardware and software costs $ — plus shipment. To know the costs, please contact. 

3-4 months, with 4-5 sessions a month.

We can try to create mentor/mentees (6) group who will find sponsors from professional societies or contribute themselves. Please keep in mind that Ohana One is contributing already. The actual package price is much higher for smart solutions. 

There will be support system between 8 am and 8 pm Bangladesh time.

HelloSurg will arrange training for assembly of devices, install and use software.

50-60 mbps is ok. Considering the frequent power outages, a mobile router with unlimited validity is advisable.

In HelloSurg smart surgical solutions, maximum seven – one with the glasses {mentor/trainer) and up to six Mentees/trainees. If the mentees wear glasses, up to six experts/mentors/trainers can join. It can be one-to-one also. 

For medical students/newly passed doctors/webinars/workshops – The presenter wears glasses installed with Zoom/Remote assist software for smart glasses and the participants just need the Zoom/Remote assist software downloaded in their device (laptop/mobile/tab). If the host has a paid Zoom account number of participants will depend on the subscription. 

Yes, in fact it is more convenient and less costly with open surgery. There is no need for a special device to capture and transmit the laparoscopy camera views. Host just wears the glasses and livestream what he/she sees.

Please contact us.

Here Surgeon wears smart glasses capable of video streaming of live operations. For open surgeries glasses are sufficient. For laparoscopic/endoscopic surgeries a special device is connected to the camera unit to capture and stream live video. Special software is installed in the smart glasses and in the mobile device and a software suite is created. So, when the surgeon is doing laparoscopic/endoscopic procedure, both external and endo-laparoscopic live videos are being uploaded simultaneously. The remote user, mentor or mentee can see exactly the same picture quality by augmented reality from wherever he/she is in mobile/tab/laptop. And both parties can communicate via clear audio. The remote user can annotate, ask questions, instruct what to do in difficult situations. The session becomes an immersive experience for both as if sharing the same operation theatre. In my project, I am the mentor with glasses and my mentees use web based platform. The role can be reversed.