AR Mentorship

Empowering Surgeons in Remote Areas

Now, surgeons are there in remote corners of the country, but not all of them have got desired expertise to perform complicated operations and it is not always possible to refer the patients due to poor physical and financial conditions. 

To address these issues HelloSurg is introducing remote surgical collaboration with Ohana One. Augmented reality smart glasses along with software solutions have arrived with boundless possibilities in the surgical settings and we wanted to embrace this opportunity. Healthcare facilities are now integrating AR devices into their training programs, providing aspiring surgeons with extended opportunities to acquire essential skills. Leveraging the see-what-I-see technology, budding surgeons can now observe the operating room through the experienced surgeon’s perspective, with real-time streaming of surgical procedures, thereby providing the ideal learning viewpoint. Introducing AR into the operating room offers efficient learning opportunities that maintain patient safety while also gaining the benefits that come from hands-on experimental learning. This platform will be acting in the mentor/mentee module. For laparoscopy (and also open surgery) initially the mentor will use the glasses and mentee/trainee will use software in his/her device (Mobile/Tab/Laptop) to join a live session with interactive, immersive experience. After a certain period when the trainees attain a baseline expertise, they will use the glasses and the mentor/trainer will act as remote expert to guide the trainees through a procedure. These training sessions will be one-to-one or one to a small group of not more than 6 participants. This one-to-one model will be used for remote surgical consultation with a surgeon in the periphery who will wear the glasses and mentor will guide using a device. The mentor/mentee module using the smart glasses year-round can significantly improve surgical training, generate more trained surgeons in Bangladesh and other developing countries who can then serve greater population in need.

HelloSurg benefits surgeons by:

  1. Allowing unobstructed hands-free audio-visual interaction between mentor and mentees during a procedure/session.
  2. Year-round unlimited virtual mentorship provides educational potential that builds self-reliance and empowers surgeons to confidently grow their essential skills.

Enhancing Surgical Training

For the medical students and newly passed doctors, smart glasses with videoconferencing tools will be used. This can be used for postgraduate students as well as for live surgical workshops.

Although we are starting with laparoscopy training, mentors/mentees from any surgical specialties are welcome to use our platform. Mentor(s) can create a group with up to 6 mentees and contact us, alternatively mentee(s) can express interest and we can find mentor(s) for specific job. 

HelloSurg smart surgical solutions’ benefits:

  1. Bridging the gap in surgical knowledge and expertise. The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has stopped all sorts of physical contacts for a very long time. And like in all other fields of videoconferencing, emerged the remote consultation and training opportunities in surgical practice. Training is set to be revolutionized by Smart Glasses, as surgeons-in-training receive guidance in real-time from experts – who aren’t in the same country as the operating room.
  2. Improved mentorship. The mentor can offer training without travelling extensively.
  3. Clogging the brain drain. There may be no greater example of global wealth inequality than in medicine. This problem is exacerbated in low income countries, where the most talented homegrown doctors are lured abroad by greater financial opportunities. Perhaps programs like HelloSurg smart surgical solutions could even the playing field, providing surgical professionals in the developing world top-notch training. Eventually, Smart Glasses could help increase global access to surgery.