AR wearables are taking over operating rooms

AR wearables are taking over operating rooms

Medical use of AR smart glasses by surgeons in the US 50% of surgeons have already been exposed to some form of training with AR smart glasses and admit its potential benefits over traditional methods.

49% – agreed that AR smart glasses could effectively reduce complications and fatalities in operating rooms caused by human error.

44% – emphasized the ability of AR smart glasses to provide access to in-depth information within their field of view, including 3D anatomical images, models, real- time medical references, and patient information.

41% – acknowledged the potential of these smart glasses in creating lower-risk surgical environments by
minimizing unnecessary entry and exit from the operating room.

30% – recognized the potential cost reduction in surgical equipment and staff.

28% – acknowledged the benefits of collaborating with remote clinical teams and accessing surgical care

26% – expressed that AR smart glasses could significantly expedite surgical operation preparation times.


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