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Fogging on Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses: Causes and Prevention

Mainly during the high humidity period, there might be occurrences of fogging on the display and camera sections of the M400 smart glasses.

There are various causes for the fogging, but the primary reasons are as follows:

  • The humidity is high indoors (or outdoors).
  • Transitioning from an air-conditioned room to a hot environment outside.
  • Temperature difference between the outdoor air and the heat emitted by the M400 when using the camera or communication features.
  • The M400 has been exposed to moisture.
  • Evaporation of moisture that entered due to a decrease in waterproof performance caused by deterioration.
  • Unfortunately, this phenomenon is not unique to the M400 and can occur with smartphones, tablets, and cameras as well. It’s a condition that can happen with all electronic devices. It’s important to note that this is not a malfunction or defect.


Preventive measures include:

After using the smart glasses for a while, the temperature difference between the device and the outside air might decrease, leading to the fogging being cleared. However, to prevent fogging from occurring, it is recommended to take preventive measures. Storing the device in a tightly sealed container or bag with a desiccant inside, like the following, is advised:

– Store the smart glasses in a high-sealing storage container or bag along with a desiccant to maintain low humidity levels.

This method can help minimize the chances of fogging by maintaining a controlled environment and reducing the amount of moisture in contact with the device.

Please note that this method does not guarantee the complete prevention of fogging.

Storing the M400 with a desiccant:

While the external humidity is 76%, the humidity inside the container is 18%.

Please do not use heat sources such as hairdryers to dry the device under any circumstances. This can cause malfunctions.

Vuzix M400 User Guide

The Vuzix M400 is a powerful and smart wearable that combines the convenience of a digital assistant with the power of an augmented reality device. With its slim design, the Vuzix M400 fits comfortably and securely on your head, enabling you to access digital features, hands-free. 

One of its key features is the dual HD display that superimposes transparent digital information onto a physical space. This information can be from your calendar, emails, or notifications, and can be presented in 3D augmented reality for a more immersive experience. Additionally, the Vuzix M400 is equipped with a camera and microphone that allow you to take photos and record audio, making it a truly powerful and enhanced device. 


The M400 Smart Glasses System is an ergonomically designed, wearable Android-based computer with Wi-Fi connectivity, voice-command functionality and HD camera — right out of the box, including:
• M400 viewer with an adjustable display screen
• USB-A Battery
• USB-A to USB-C power cable
• USB-A to Micro USB cable (for charging the USB-A Battery)
• M-Series Lens-less frames
• Soft case for storage 


Charge the battery before use with a wall charger, and wait until all three LEDs are solid. Can take up to two hours if the battery is fully empty.


  1. The viewer will be worn on the dominant eye. Before attaching the viewer to either side of the Smart Glasses frames, determine your dominant eye for optimum use of M400 capabilities.
  2. Attach the viewer to the side of the frame by sliding the mounting rail onto the temple mount on the frames. Once properly fitted, the unit will be adjustable by sliding forward and backward.


  1. Using the same mounting process, attach the USB-A battery to the other side of the frames.


  1. Plug the USB-C end of the connector cable into the viewer and the USB-A connector to the USB-A battery. Press the power button on the battery for 2 seconds to turn on the system. The LED on the battery will illuminate when the system is powered on.
  2. When ready to wear your M400 Smart Glasses, lift the power cable over your head to rest on your shoulders as you place the Smart Glasses as you would a pair of glasses.
  3. Ear hooks and alternate nose pads are available for proper fit.

How to determine your dominant eye: Extend your hands, placing them together to make a small triangle between your thumbs and knuckle. Keeping both eyes open, center a nearby object inside the triangle. Close each eye one at a time. Notice how the object moves out of view when one eye is closed? When the object remains in view, the open eye is your dominant eye. 


  1. Make sure the Smart Glasses frames are resting comfortably on your head. Frames can be worn over the top of a majority of regular prescription eyewear. The nosepiece of the frames can be adjusted to fit comfortably and securely.
  2. After mounting the viewer, adjust the viewer as shown until it is a comfortable distance and preferred position from your dominant eye.


  1. Adjust the eyepiece as shown until you can see the full image.


  1. Additional mounting options, including frames with prescription lenses, safety frames, hard hat, headband mounts, and more, can be found online at under Products > M400 Smart Glasses > Accessories

FOCUSING NEAR-FIELD: First time users may find some challenges focusing their near-field
vision on the M400 display. Make sure to keep both eyes open, some users may need up to 20 minutes to adjust. 



The message on the screen will go away 


One finger:
• Tap to activate selection or
turn on the screen
• Hold to activate menu
• Swipe up/down/left/right to
move selection 

Two fingers:
• Tap to go back or return
• Hold to go to home screen
• Swipe back for backspace
• Swipe forward for delete
• Swipe up to raise volume
• Swipe down to lower volume 

Three fingers:
• Tap to turn off screen 



Short Press for primary functions:
Front: Forward navigation
Center: Back navigation
Back: Select 

Long Press (approx. one sec) touch for secondary functions:
Front: Open menu
Center: Exit to home menu
Back: Back one step 


The M400 can be activated by “Hello Vuzix” when properly configured. The M400 will listen for voice commands for 15 seconds by default. 

To activate Voice control, open the Settings menu and navigate to System -> Speech Recognition. Enable the speech recognition. A full list of voice control commands can be viewed from that same settings menu. 






Blinking Red 

Too low to power on, keep plugged in to USB and charge. 


If the battery runs out of power the viewer will display a message on the screen 

  1. Unplug the USB cable from the battery 
  2. Remove the battery from the mount and replace with a charged one 
  3. Plug the USB cable back in 
  4. Turn on the battery by pressing the power button on the battery for 2 seconds 


  1. Press and hold the power button on the viewer to access the power menu.
• To reboot, highlight the reboot entry and activate it.
The viewer will power off and automatically turn back on.
• To fully power off, highlight the power off entry and activate it. The viewer will ask you to unplug the USB cable. After you unplug the cable the viewer will fully power off. Leave the cable disconnected while the viewer is off. The battery will power off as soon as it’s unplugged. If the USB cable is unplugged the device will power off after about five minutes. If the internal battery is already discharged this may occur sooner. 


The M400 Application Carousel has multiple sections for helping organize and easily access your most commonly used M400 applications. A long press on the center button while on the home screen will toggle between All Apps section, an automatically populated Recently Used section and a Favorites section. 

For more information on managing applications, visit: 


QR code setup: 


  1. The easiest way to connect to Wi-Fi is by scanning a QR code — QR codes can be
securely created using from your phone or computer. 
  2. Open Scanner from the main carousel. 
  3. Point the M400 at the phone or computer screen that is displaying the QR code to scan.

Manual Setup 

  1. At the home page, select the Settings app. 
  2. Select Network & Internet then Wi-Fi menu option and then press the select button to
activate Wi-Fi. 
  3. Once the list of available networks populates, highlight the preferred network and select. 
  4. Enter password using displayed keyboard, Select Connect 


The M400 will automatically check for updates once it is connected to Wi-Fi. Click Update on the following pop-up 






M400 will not turn on and 

status LED is not lit 

Battery is discharged 

Connect battery to wall charger for 

up to two hours for a full charge, then 

connect battery to viewer. 

M400 will not turn on and 

status LED is blinking red 

Internal battery is 


Leave viewer connected to USB power. 

System will begin booting within a few 


M400 display is blank but 

status LED is lit 

Screen has turned off to 

conserve power 

Tap the power button or the touchpad 

to wake the screen 

M400 powers off after 

20-30 minutes while 

plugged in to USB 

USB source does not 

provide enough current 

M400 can draw up to 1.5A while in 



    • Clean the viewer and battery with a damp cloth and mild detergent if necessary. Do not use all-purpose cleaners as these may damage the seals and impair the water resistance.
• Make sure that there is no standing water in the USB connector before inserting the cable.
• Do not insert sharp objects into any holes in the viewer as this may damage the mesh and impair the water resistance.
• Do not use metal objects to clean the USB port as this may cause electrical damage.

Vuzix M400 User Guide Download